“Making A List, Checking It Twice” in the Tampa Tribune

Milk Eggs Vodka in the Tampa TribuneCheck out this fun (and clever) article by Jeff Houck of the Tampa Tribune. He wrote a story about me and my book, “Milk Eggs Vodka,” in the form of a list! It’s featured on the front of the food section, Flavor. An excerpt:

Introduce Bill Keaggy. (A St. Louis newspaper photo editor and married father of two who describes himself as a “collector, maker and breaker of things.”)

Explain hobby. (He collects and photographs odd things: box cameras, rocks shaped like shoes, dirt, discarded bookmarks.)

Discuss his most famous collection. (Discarded grocery lists he has displayed on his Web site.)

Detail its origin. (Keaggy found an ordinary list in the parking lot of a St. Louis grocery store. Fascinated, he kept finding more in empty shopping carts. After he collected about 30 of them, he put them online in 1999. They’re now at

What happened next? (Visitors to his Web site, including grocery cashiers, started sending him grocery lists they found as well as lists they were finished with.)

How many? (Thousands. Keeps them in shoe boxes at home.)

Talk about the book. (Keaggy sorted the lists and, in the process, published a new book, “Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found” (How, $19.99).)

Thanks, Jeff!

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